Frequently Asked Questions

As a Registered Investment Advisor how are you compensated?

We charge a management fee based on a percentage of the value of the assets we manage. Unlike other brokerage firms and financial institutions we will not charge a commission or any other form of compensation. The fee is billed quarterly and is normally deducted directly from the client account or accounts. We believe that this fee structure best aligns your objectives with ours.


How do you communicate with me regarding my account?

Every quarter you will receive a portfolio appraisal and a market commentary newsletter. All clients can speak with us by telephone at any time, and we like to hold face-to-face meetings at least once per year. You are also encouraged to contact us by e-mail, or telephone with any financial concern you may have.


Who will be working with me?

The size of our firm allows our clients to work with the entire team of professionals and administrative staff. Our advisors contribute their knowledge and expertise while our administrative staff ensures your records are kept in an orderly and discreet manner. Once our advisors have discussed and implemented your investment strategy, they are available to address any other financial issues you may want to discuss.


How does Jay A. Fishman, LTD. manage client investment portfolios?

We invest for our clients on a discretionary basis meaning we may make investment decisions on your behalf without getting explicit approval in advance, provided the action is consistent with the overall investment goals we discuss and document with you annually, at a minimum. Additionally you will receive notification by mail from your custodian within three to five days of the investment action taken. 


Will I have to change any of my current investments before working with you?

In most cases, some investment changes are recommended, but in the interest of prudent management no action will be taken without thorough analysis. For example, some clients may own a series of mutual funds that contain overlapping securities which can result in high fees and hindered performance. In other cases, clients have specific holdings that they wish to keep. In all cases, we will use thorough analysis to recommend the most suitable options for you with special attention to accommodating your specific concerns.


Are there additional fees to consult with my tax advisor or estate planning attorney?

No, our normal management fee includes consultations with other professionals managing your wealth. We believe these consultations are excellent opportunities to better understand your financial goals and allow us to manage your assets most effectively. 

If you need assistance from other financial professionals or attorneys, we will referral to professionals we have built longstanding relationships with. In doing so, we accept absolutely no referral fees from anyone.